Cross Reference

CORALFLY Filter are widely used in construction machinery,generator,truck,agricultural machinery,mining machinery,ship and gas turbine

For Cummins and diesel engine

For Caterpillar and construction machinery

For VOLVO and truck

For Perkins and generator

For John deere and Agricultural Machinery

For Atlas and mining machinery

For Parker and marine engine

For Donaldson and gas turbine engine

OEM/ODM Service

More than 1000 types filter; Provide filter base on your inqury or samples;  High quality can be compared with the original

Type of the shells

Filter external and internal frame

Color of the shells

Packing of the inner box

Filter Anatomy

Media Comparison

CORALFLY Filter Media

Others Filter Media

CORALFLY Filter Media

Others Filter Media

Filtering Effect

       Potential impurities may damage diesel. If diesel is not "very clean" (that is, clean at the micro level), it will cause serious damage to the expensive high-pressure common rail (HPCR) engine. The HPCR fuel system used in today's low-emission diesel engines can provide better filtration efficiency, but because of the small tolerance of the injector, this new engine is more prone to failure than the old engine. Before the launch of the HPCR engine, "clean and bright" was the standard of fuel cleanliness. You can visually inspect the fuel directly and firmly believe that it is safe for your engine.


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